Recently a number of well-known institutions in a foreign Twitter released a named “TKG ~ Tattooed Kitty Gang” NFT Netflix products, I read the white paper, the general meaning is: the NFT product is the Coinan NFT platform strongly recommended project, TKG NFT value has also attracted a well-known hedge fund management company –Three Arrows Capital’s strategic investment and Coinan’s traffic support.

These Tattooed Kitty Gang cards are traded in the form of NFT, each card is a club or alliance certified NFT collectible with its own scarcity and uniqueness rating. TKG.NFT has set the fastest Coinan record of being snapped up within a minute, with prices starting from 99U and shooting up to 2000U, soaring 20 times. With the recent announcement of the project, the price of some tattooed cat NFTs will rise even higher. NFTs represent a new paradigm in asset collection, availability and engagement. This evolution from physical to digital assets is very powerful and has created many exciting potential business models. The current growth of NFT is phenomenal and its fever continues to climb after sectors such as DeFi have gone cold. The coming period is expected to see a gradual entry of teams and listed companies with technological advantages, IP-enabled advantages, and platforms with operational capabilities. Most of the time, a coin is noticed because of its price, which either rises “out of this world” or falls “out of this world”. As Bitcoin surged by more than 10 points, most people were immersed in the joy of the bull market, while others were surrounded by even greater joy, perhaps muttering: Bitcoin this rise to where, TKG is the real Bitcoin. So some people can’t help but ask, “In the wave of NFT, capital and players continue to add to the reason why TKG ~ Tattooed Kitty Gang can rise?”

After analysis, I think the answer lies in the TKG itself “play to earn” model of innovation and relatively perfect and can constantly regulate the economic system, TKG world’s first super mechanism: single coin + double mechanism + double turbo + double destruction + double cycle + perpetual motion, TKG NFT comes with appreciation properties, participate in the NFT card fund steady 2 times gain. A token two mechanisms to promote the operation, two destruction mode to do the ultimate deflation, coin volume scarcity, 3% LP dividends plus airdrop LP pledge the whole network burst block dividends, plus coin price rise earnings, triple income, with in and out, effectively ensure that each participant profit.

TKG from 99U starting auction has been breaking through to today’s 20 times increase in the highest price in history, no matter what price received coins, everyone has their own heart sold price, TKG now stage is equivalent to bitcoin 10 years ago, but with the innovation of the business model, TKG’s later explosive power will be stronger! This is a big trend, I believe there will be a lot of people choose this way out, time is limited, unlimited wealth, TKG network-wide wealthy airdrop, each wallet 1000 TKG, limited to 2500 places, first come first served, welcome people from all walks of life to participate in understanding TKG, joint all the retail investors, grassroots, consensus of the people together group layout TKG NFT track, follow the trend, win the future, bend over the car, to achieve Wealth freedom and change your destiny!

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