Orbits, a decentralized trading platform, is becoming a new project that has attracted much attention in the web3 industry. Orbits is a multi-chain order book decentralized trading platform based on zk snarks technology. With layer-2 and ZK-SNARKS technology, platform transactions can be confirmed immediately, and the cost can be reduced to $0.01.


Orbits supports liquidity aggregation and strategic trading in the process of spot and perpetual contract transactions, and shares handling fees and market value liquidity benefits with all users. Orbits breaks the status quo of large funds monopolizing contract revenue, and shares the revenue earned by the platform and market makers with liquidity provider users, that is, the revenue from transactions and gambling with users is distributed to users.


Orbits is committed to providing a fast, secure and transparent digital asset trading platform to meet the growing demand of the digital currency market. The emergence of Orbits not only brings more trading opportunities to the digital currency market, but also improves the security of the digital currency market to a certain extent.


At present, the main network of Orbits products has been launched, and the recruitment of global ambassadors has been completed, and it is about to enter a new stage of development.


Orbits products have been recognized by users, and the global community has begun to take shape

Relying on its product advantages and the strategy of “liquid market-making revenue” that shares revenue with users, Orbtis has been widely recognized by users. At present, Orbits has completed the recruitment of global community ambassadors, and the founding team will carry out online MeetUP activities with these community ambassadors and loyal supporters of Orbits. Global Ambassadors are selected from active contributors in the global community who have made many contributions to the promotion of Orbits before.


The first global ambassador online sharing activity was completed on April 12, and nearly 200 Orbits global fans participated in this online sharing. Next, the weekly online conference will be carried out in an orderly manner, and the sharers will be Orbits team members and global ambassadors, bringing users the latest Orbits development information.


Orbits was positioned as a global player in its early days. Active contributors around the world helped launch Orbits fan communities in different languages. Currently, there are English/Korean/Japanese/Indonesian/Chinese fan communities with a total number of 20,000+. As of the end of March 2023, Orbits social media has 30,000+ followers and is growing rapidly. Orbits and its partners have organized several TW space activities, with a total of more than 15,000 participating users.


Orbits also held a global offline event to communicate with community partners around the world. At present, the Orbits global tour has been held in Romania, the Philippines, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Paris, France, etc., showing Orbits’ technical concept and development plan to local community users, and has been warmly welcomed by local partners.


These global community ambassadors currently recruited will be representatives of the Orbits project in various communities. They will promote the Orbits project in the local community, organize offline activities, and share the feedback and needs of users in the local community with the Orbits team. The series of online series held afterwards can gather community users around the world, let them know more about and love the Orbits project, and thus promote the development of the project. With the support of these loyal users, Orbits can expand the influence of the Orbits project on a global scale!

A decentralized trading platform connected to the web3 world

As a decentralized trading platform, Orbits plays an important role in the cryptocurrency industry. In addition to helping users and liquidity contributors, Orbits also hopes to support the development of the entire industry. It can bring more users and capital flow to different blockchain projects.


In order to allow more people to use it, Orbits is cooperating with different ecosystems. It has been successfully deployed on BSC and actively communicates with many public chains, such as Polygon, Near, Flow, Klayton, Aptos, Sui wait.


At the same time, Orbits has also reached strategic partnerships with nearly 20 project parties, such as Oasis Origin, Wealth Message, Getaverse, RamBox, acaradao, MAP, W3DNA, Triathon and DataVital, etc., aiming at promoting brand and community building, and realizing Ecological collaborative development.


Orbits is committed to becoming an important hub connecting multi-chain projects, and extensive support from community members and partners is essential. The addition of global ambassadors will help Orbits further develop, and we look forward to Orbits making more contributions in this ecosystem.

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